Over the past 6 months, we have been busy! Perhaps we have not been placing as many people as normal but plenty of time to chat to and reassure accountants as they consider their futures – both immediate and longer term.

So, what are my top tips for Accountants who are looking to change jobs during Covid? Note: Whilst I am writing these tips with Accountants in mind, these tips really apply to any profession in any location!

As someone who has recruited for 20 years and lived through at least two global recessions, I feel that I am very well qualified to provide tips on that million-dollar question “should I stay or should I go”

Understand your motivation for a change of job?

Is it the company, is it the job, is it money, is it the culture, can you find an internal solution before you start your search? This first point could save you a considerable amount of wasted time and energy!

What type of job do you enjoy? What type of organization do you enjoy working for?

It also always helps to know what you enjoy doing. There is no point being in an industry and doing a job that you have no interest in or passion for. Try to find an organization that matches your values.

Understand the market and bear in mind market dynamics change….!

What industries are on an upward trend? What industries are heading in the opposite direction? What retraining (if any) will you need for these emerging industries?

What Accounting skills are increasingly in demand?

There is an increasing trend towards value-add within the accounting function eg FP&A and Finance Business Partnering? Do you have these required skills? If not, how can you get acquire them?

Has the Covid pandemic and remote working increased the range of options open to you?

Without a doubt, there has and will continue to be a shake up in the market. I am working with candidates in Clare and Kerry working remotely for Dublin companies. I am also working with a top-notch accountant who is working remotely in the Midlands for a London Investment Bank. “The world (or at least Ireland) is your oyster”

Read the job advertisement fully and only apply for the jobs where you feel there is a good fit!

If you do not fit the role, then tell the company why you feel you are worth consideration. If you do not match the requirements of the job, please do not be disappointed if you do not hear back (fair is fair)

If the role is perfect and you apply for the job, make sure that your cv is perfect. No excuses allowed.

Remember 3 pages are plenty, your cv should be clearly laid out, original but not trying too hard without spelling mistakes, mismatching font and/or too much jargon.

Be selective in your choice of Recruitment Consultant.

Find a specialist Recruitment Consultant that you feel comfortable with! Find a Recruitment Consultant who you feel is interested in you above and beyond the fee! (However, we do need to eat) Find a recruiter that is happy to invest their time into helping you land that perfect next role.

Not all Accounting Recruiters will suit your personal style – there are plenty of us to choose from – find one that does.

If you would like to chat with us at A + F Recruitment – Sarah, Pat or I would be delighted to provide our insights on the market and to consider you for any relevant roles that we are working on. If we don’t have the perfect role for you now, we may well do in the coming months!

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