We are thrilled to launch our 2023 Accounting & Finance Salary Survey & Market Trends Report. Please see below for a note and introduction to our survey with full report linked also.

A note from our Director, Tanya Thomas – “The Accounting & Finance profession in Ireland continues to be in high demand. I think it’s fair to say that a large percentage of Irish employers have experienced a skills shortage throughout the course of 2022 and this is no different in the Accounting & Finance field.Like many professions, the field of Accounting and Finance has seen a rapid acceleration in the pace of change which has resulted in increased demand for skills and experience in the areas of financial control, forecasting management, data analytics, financial systems and valuation capabilities to sustain organisational expansion.

Technology is changing how accountants serve their clients. Accountants need to be as up to speed as possible with emerging technologies, blockchain, automation and big data. The increase in demand for Accounting and Finance professionals across Ireland has resulted in a number of outcomes including higher pay rates, longer recruitment processes as well as pressure on companies to offer hybrid working and greater access to pension, health care and flexible hours.”


Major trends and observations that we have seen emerge from 2022 are:

  • The increased focus on Sustainable Finance and the role of the CFO and finance teams in driving change and making an impact in this area. New regulation especially in the area of sustainability is core to all finance professionals and mandatory reporting in the form of the new CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) will be key to all organisations not just Multinationals.
  • The rise of the role of a Finance Business Partner (FBP). How FBP’s are key collaborators across all areas of the business. Finance is no longer siloed, rather it is the glue between multiple divisions and often the backbone to driving business performance.
  • Data Analytics can no longer be ignored as it facilitates better data-driven audits, improved risk identification and risk management, improved real-time reporting, and it also enhances the efficiency of investments, mergers, and acquisitions.
  • Employers are waking up to more diverse profiles: 1G visa, casting the net wider for skills and backgrounds
  • Regionality is no longer as relevant with remote working coming into play – wider pool of nationwide candidates available to employers
  • Candidates being more discerning. Hybrid/ Remote working no longer a benefit, rather an expectation. Employer flexibility is key. New generation of candidates placing greater emphasis on companies values, sustainability goals, diversity policies etc.


To read our full Accounting and Finance Salary Survey & Market Trends report please click here.